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SafeSwiss™ was formed in 2009 by Kerry Bird, Tim Gallagher and Emir Rizvanovic to address the growing market need for a set of comprehensive digital communication security solutions.

SafeSwiss™ was founded on the belief that consumers want more secure, efficient and innovative ways to ensure the privacy of their communications and to protect the integrity and confidentiality of their data during its transfer through the various existing communication networks.

With a multiplicity of digital formats currently available, and increasingly more business being transacted through ‘the cloud’ retailers and service providers have been unable to keep up with cryptography - the encryption of digital data - much less the ever-growing threat of unauthorised access to personal communications and stored electronic information.

To match this evolution in digital communications, distribution technologies and social networking trends, SafeSwiss® Secure Communication AG has created a specialised set of digital communication security solutions. These solutions enable consumers and businesses to safely communicate in total privacy, in the manner of their choice and with the assurance that the safety and integrity of their conversations and proprietary information will not be compromised.

SafeSwiss™ brings together technology, manufacturing and experience in the digital-data cryptography industry to deliver these cutting-edge encrypted voice and data communications solutions. The users of SafeSwiss™ technology are able to quickly and easily choose how to secure the way in which they wish to communicate, confident in the knowledge that the privacy and integrity of their communications across the spectrum of delivery platforms will be secure, seamless, and invulnerable to interception and hacking.

And SafeSwiss™ transforms the way we communicate by providing telecommunication, internet and retail service providers the opportunity to add value to their products; by offering consumers privacy and confidentiality in their voice and data transactions.

Our experienced team of cryptographers at SafeSwiss™ has created what we consider “The World’s Best Secure Voice, Messaging and Data Transfer Solution currently available…….    True End to End Encryption.”

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