In today’s world, consumers expect convenience and flexibility — but not at the expense of the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of their personal and intellectual property. This is especially true when it comes to private communications and the digital transfer of sensitive material across the internet.

SafeSwiss™ provides a complete real time security solution by encrypting - scrambling – digital communications.

It does this by applying a military grade encryption to all voice calls, text chat and digital data transfers on devices such as Android & iPhone’s, and PC & Mac based computers and devices.

Developed specifically for the safe and secure communication of voice, text-chat and digital data, SafeSwiss™ is a sophisticated software encryption application which works by creating an “encrypted private network” between the sender and the recipient of a communication.

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SafeSwiss™ does this by:


  • Generating a unique ‘key’ specific to the user’s communication device. No other copies of that key exist on any other device or server.
  • This unique encryption key is then encrypted again at the server level, providing a double layer of encryption.
  • SafeSwiss™ encrypts using state of the art elliptic curve cryptography to protect the communication between two parties, as well as between the application and its servers.
  • Each phone or connected device has its own contact book of ‘trusted member contact numbers’ relevant to that device’s particular key. There is no need for a central server or certificating authority.
  • When making or receiving a digital communication, the SafeSwiss™ encryption engine authenticates the other party and generates the unique session key that only lasts for the duration of that communication.
  • In real time, voice calls, text-chat and data communications are then encrypted to prevent hackers from gathering information on the contact details and identities of the participants in the communication.
  • Point to point security is thus established because only trusted devices at each end of the secure communication network are able to decrypt the exchanged data. Only the recipient’s device is able to decrypt a voice, text-chat or data communication after it has been sent and received.
  • Because SafeSwiss™ servers do not hold any encryption or decryption keys, and because SafeSwiss™ secure voice, chat and data communications are peer to peer, there is no potential for the ‘man in the middle’ threat that exists with other forms of network channel communications.
  • A self-destruct feature can be applied to automatically delete by shredding and overwriting all metadata content from both the recipient’s and the sender’s devices after a predetermined period – from as little as 1 second up to 1 year after the original communication.

SafeSwiss™ ensures Your Business Stays Your Business.

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