Contact synchronization is entirely optional; however, contact synchronization will make it easier for you to communicate with other validated SafeSwiss users.

In the contacts, main screen there is a context menu option provided "Synchronize Contacts" which can be triggered to synchronize SafeSwiss contacts with all device’s address book contacts.

SafeSwiss is protecting you and your friends' contact information from any third parties including SafeSwiss. The app will send a hashed representation of your friend’s phone number, email address (if provided as this is optional) to our servers. At this point our server will automatically check these details against our database and determine if the contact already has a specific SafeSwiss user ID. If they have you can then send them an end to end encrypted message, share data or make a secure voice call. If they don’t yet have a SafeSwiss ID you can very easily invite them (by SMS, email, etc.) directly from SafeSwiss.

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