Voice transmissions, text-chat and data transfers are easier to intercept than ever before. Unprotected domains within the telecommunication networks and public locations such as open Wi-Fi areas or public hot spots, offer hackers and criminals the opportunity to illegally acquire private information with which to commit fraud, identity theft, and to exploit for malicious intent and self-gain.

SafeSwiss™ is a convenient, flexible and effective way in which you can protect the privacy, integrity and confidentiality of your personal and business communications, and is available in a variety of security encryption configurations:

  • A FREE Secure Communications SafeSwiss™ App
  • The Premium and Premium Plus SafeSwiss™ App
  • and the SafeSwiss™ Full Enterprise Solution


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The FREE SafeSwiss™ App:

The free SafeSwiss™ Secure Communications App has been designed specifically to protect users from such intrusions into their private communications, and is available free from the App stores. It can be installed, updated or deleted remotely on any supported device with access to the internet, including pre-paid devices or devices with no SIM cards.


The Premium SafeSwiss™ Apps:

The Premium and Premium Plus SafeSwiss™ Apps will be coming soon and available for purchase through your App store. These Apps include additional features not available with the Free SafeSwiss™ Secure Communications App.

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Full Enterprise Solution:

Through strategic partnerships and select high-profile service providers, SafeSwiss™ delivers the kind of digital security experience government, enterprise and private consumers are looking for.

SafeSwiss™ enables you to communicate safely, knowing that the privacy and integrity of your conversations and proprietary information will not be eavesdropped or stolen.

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SafeSwiss™ ensures Your Business Stays Your Business.

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