Mobile phones, tablets & computers – each of these devices use global telecommunication networks to connect you to your friends and contacts. The vulnerability of these networks to outside interception and malicious hacking puts the privacy and confidentiality of your personal communications at risk.

To protect against such intrusions, SafeSwiss™ encryption software creates an encrypted private network between you and your contact(s).

Because the encryption & decryption of your communication exchange happens on your individual devices, you have total control over the security of this exchange. This guarantees that no third party can decrypt any part of your communication - preventing any “Man in the Middle” attacks.

SafeSwiss™’s powerful security features encrypt all:


  • Voice calls
  • Text chat messaging
  • Location Share
  • Voice Messages
  • and Data file transfers including documents, pictures and videos.


and includes a communications specific

  • Self-Destruct Feature with predetermined time frames

SafeSwiss™ also features:

  • A SafeSwiss™ digital locker *(Premium Edition)
  • Scaleability of use within government, enterprise and private networks
  • Quick and easy download across a variety of devices
  • The ability to be installed, updated or deleted remotely on any supported device with access to the internet, including pre-paid devices or devices with no SIM cards

SafeSwiss™ is the world's most effective and comprehensive communication encryption security solution available.

SafeSwiss™ ensures Your Business Stays Your Business.

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