Messaging app WhatsApp has compromised user security by allowing data sharing with Facebook.
WhatsApp's recent decision to share user data with Facebook has opened users up to some serious privacy concerns. With SafeSwiss, you never have to worry. 

As smartphone adoption continues to rise, mobile application usage is more widespread than ever.
Smartphone users are hesitant to download apps because of concerns about data security. Luckily, the SafeSwiss app is completely secure.

In 2014 Yahoo was the victim of one of the biggest data thefts ever.
Last week Yahoo announced 500 million of its users' data was stolen. What does tell us about data security, and what can you do to keep yourself safe?

The world is increasingly connected via technology creating ample security risks.
It's no secret that the digital landscape makes information security more difficult. Luckily, as threats continue to grow, encryption provides a sound solution. 


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