Mobile apps and privacy: The current landscape

Smartphone users are hesitant to download apps because of concerns about data security. Luckily, the SafeSwiss app is completely secure.

As smartphone adoption continues to rise, mobile application usage is more widespread than ever.

Smartphones are everywhere. A recent eMarketer study found that by the end of 2016, there will be over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. By 2018, eMarketer projects over one-third of consumers worldwide will be using smartphones.

Logically, with the increasing use of smartphones, there is a natural uptick in mobile app usage. In fact, Market Research projects that app downloads will total over 200 billion annually by 2017.

Concerns around privacy lie at the heart of why people do or do not download mobiles apps.Concerns around privacy lie at the heart of why people do or do not download mobile apps.

Mobile applications and data security

From games like Candy Crush to mobile banking apps, the scope of personal information required to access a given app varies widely. So, are smartphone users ever hesitant to download apps for the sake of data privacy and security?

According to a recent Pew Research Center report, many Americans cite privacy concerns as their primary reason for mobile app apprehension. In fact, the major takeaway of the report, which set out to analyse Android apps and their permissions, had less to do with how applications function and more to do with user apprehension due to data privacy or security.

Six out of ten mobile users don't instal an app when large amounts of personal information are required.

Of all the smartphone app users surveyed, 6 out of 10 reported choosing not to instal an app when large amounts of personal information were required for use. Additionally, 43 per cent admitted to uninstalling an application after an initial download for the same reason.

This is a direct result of concerns surrounding personal data and privacy. The report also found that a majority of smartphone users noted that personal data usage was a major determinant when deciding whether or not to download a given app. A considerable 90 per cent of respondents claimed that it is very or somewhat important for mobile apps to clearly state how personal data will be used.

Mobile messaging apps

For smartphone users, mobile messaging apps are a popular attraction. In fact, an eMarketer report projects that by 2018, 80 per cent of smartphone users will be on some kind of messaging app.

Mobile messaging keeps people connected but messaging apps that aren't secure can present security problems.Mobile messaging keeps people connected, but messaging apps that aren't secure can pose major identity threats.

The concerns around privacy when it comes to mobile messaging apps are of particular concern recently. With the controversy surrounding WhatsApp's and Facebook's alleged extraction of user details, mobile users everywhere are looking for an encrypted communication method that they can trust.

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