Frequently Asked Questions


How private are my SafeSwiss messages?

Your messages are transferred securely as well as locally protected with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) based algorithms. They can only be read by you and the recipients you sent the messages to.

What does a call or message cost?

SafeSwiss transmits encrypted data (text, voice, files, etc.) via the internet (through WiFi or mobile network provider). Thus aside from internet connectivity costs (depending on the mobile network provider), there are no other fees.


What are some of the features SafeSwiss offers?
  • High quality peer to peer encrypted voice calling
  • Encrypted voice messaging
  • Encrypted text chat
  • User defined self-destruction feature on both sender and recipient’s devices from one second to one year after transmission
  • Encrypted location share
  • Encrypted selfies
  • Encrypted share of pictures, videos, documents (up to 10MB)
  • Secure share of contacts to other SafeSwiss members
  • Secure group chat
What happens if for example authorities/law enforcement were to subpoena SafeSwiss servers?

As we don't have the secret keys of our users (your secret key never leaves your device), there is no possibility to disclose any user related information. Our servers do need to know who is sending a message to whom, so that they can route it to the correct recipient, but they do not log this information, and cannot decrypt the message's content. Any conversation, video message, text, or phone teleconference is encrypted from your device to the other party’s. We have no access to it, so we can’t disclose what we don’t have access to.

User Interface

What do the tick checks mean?

One black Tick check — message delivered to the SafeSwiss server

Two black Tick checks — message has been delivered to recipient

Two Red Tick checks — message has been read (Recipient has opened SafeSwiss and opened the conversation with the message).

How can I create a group chat?

While creating a new secure chat simply select one, or any number of chat recipients – this will automatically generate a new secure group chat.