Welcome to SafeSwiss

Most of us have nothing to hide,
but we all have something to lose

Secure сommunication application

Your private exchanges are protected by the world’s most
comprehensive real-time encryption.

Swiss Secure Data interface example

Private information in safe hands

We founded SafeSwiss on the belief that privacy is universal
human right, however today, it’s almost non-existent.

We have changed that by creating an application that
incorporates all communication features you use in
everyday and business life.

Encrypted voice calls

Enjoy private secure conversations with fully encrypted, crystal-clear voice calls.

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What makes us unique?

  • Secure server location

    Our servers are located in a former military bunker in Switzerland.

  • Protected by law

    User’s data is protected by Swiss privacy law.

  • Advanced encryption

    We use assymetric cryptography to encrypt your data.

Encrypted Email

Download SafeSwiss and start using it right away.
No phone number or email required.

Phone with emails

Protect your email and data by using
Encrypted Email

iMac with emails

Application features

Encrypted file
storage and sharing

  • All files are encrypted whilst on SafeSwiss.
    Only you have the private keys to access them.

  • Smart Group’s file sharing feature guarantees that only the people intended to view a document can gain access to it, enabling you to work remotely without compromising security.

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File preview
Calendar preview

Encrypted calendar

SafeSwiss calendar provides secure control
over schedules and events.

  • Event groups
  • Notifications list
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Protect your privacy

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