True end-to-end encryption now available for your phone

Available now, the free SafeSwiss app sets new standards for end-to-end encryption on personal devices. Download your free copy today.

The free SafeSwiss app will keep your data safe.

Hundreds of millions of people across the world own smartphones and other devices, but how many of these daily gadget users are protecting their communications from unintended onlookers?

Digital encryption is an issue that's becoming increasingly important. On the surface it sounds like something that would be expensive and difficult to secure, but with SafeSwiss, that's simply not the case, as the app gives any smartphone user access to military grade end-to-end encryption for free. 

Whether people are using their devices on public wi-fi hotspots or regular mobile phone networks, their communicatons have the potential to be compromised. Calls, texts and data transfers are all vulnerable using many standard messaging or calling services. While some are beginning to offer encryption services, none can match what SafeSwiss is providing. 

Real-time security for trusted phone use

The real advantage for SafeSwiss is its ability to not only provide a military grade encryption service, but to also do it in real-time for calls and texts. Whenever someone picks up their phone to call someone through the free SafeSwiss app on their device of choice, only them and the intended recipient can have access to the transmission. 

The same goes for any data transfers taking place between devices, including emails, documents and photos among others. As cybercrime becomes more frequent, data will continue to grow in value, both to its owners and any criminals out to get their hands on it. 

Based in the world's security capital

The servers used to transmit encrypted calls, texts and other data transfers are located in Switzerland, a country which sets new global standards for cybersecurity. The country operates outside of the EU and therefore has far stricter privacy laws in comparison to its EU counterparts and those commonly seen in the US. 

Most importantly, however, no encryption key is held on the SafeSwiss servers, so the company is unable to let any other parties access user data. 

What does the free app give you?

The SafeSwiss encryption app may be free, but the level of security it offers is priceless. This version just launched provides real-time encryption for phone calls while preserving HD quality, and keeps all other data transmitted between devices safe from man-in-the-middle attacks, as only trusted devices have access to the encryption key. 

It also comes with a self-destruct setting to purge all metadata from the device the app is installed on. The timer for this can be set as low as one second or as high as an entire year, giving users greater flexibility over their cybersecurity. 

SafeSwiss is setting a new standard for personal encryption. To find out more, head to the website or download the free app today.