Get billions of dollars worth of data encryption for free with SafeSwiss

The various threats to mobile security are on the rise. While it's a billion dollar problem, the solution is actually free for smartphone users.

Encryption apps can keep your phone safe.

Digital data is worth billions to people around the globe, and with the costs of data breaches skyrocketing, you'd expect any effective encryption to cost equally as much, right? Wrong. 

Your data is worth millions, but keeping it safe is priceless.

While IBM and the Poneman Institute joined forces to find that expenses related to cybersecurity breaches have risen by almost one-quarter over the past two years, the cost of protecting yourself is going in the opposite direction. 

With an end-to-end encryption app such as SafeSwiss, you can protect everything you do on your phone for free. Your data is worth millions, but keeping it safe is priceless. 

Keep track of one app instead of many

Most apps, but not all, will come with their own differing standards for encryption and data security. In this case, it's up to you to determine which companies are making efforts to protect your digital privacy and which ones are letting it fall by the wayside. 

These efforts got even more stressful for Apple users in September of last year, when the BBC reported that as many as 4,000 apps may have been infected with a vicious malware designed to steal information. 

The news was yet more confirmation that smartphones are more vulnerable than ever. However, as possible attacks get stronger, so do the defences. SafeSwiss offers complete end-to-end encryption for a range of common smartphone activities.  

How safe is your smartphone?How safe is your smartphone?

Solve bad habits with one app

Few people will disagree with the idea that personal data, such as the digital conversations and phone calls they have on their phones has some sort of value. Yet, there are number of bad habits people are guilty of. 

Vodafone New Zealand investigated what this means for smartphone users, and how they can respond to ensure they personal conversations aren't compromised. Staggeringly, more than half of those surveyed (57 per cent) are unaware that there are security solutions, such as SafeSwiss, available for their smartphones. 

This fact could be especially dangerous considering another of Vodafone's revelations. The telco reported that the number of insecure wi-fi hotspots present around the world is also on the rise. As every public space and coffee shop is augmented with these services, people need to be aware of how these impact mobile security.

In these cases, it's much better to be safe than sorry, especially when, in the case of SafeSwiss, it won't cost you a cent to stay safe.

Your privacy is worth billions, but that doesn't mean it has to cost as much. Download SafeSwiss today to protect your digital privacy.