The Michael Page leak demonstrates the need for data protection

A huge data leak reinforces the need for vigilance and caution when it comes to information security. SafeSwiss can help you stay protected.

SafeSwiss' encryption app can help protect against others' security lapses.

A new data leak in the headlines again demonstrates how big the threat is online to information security. Large companies face the threat of hacks and data theft, but some of their insecurities come from careless mistakes rather than malicious acts.

Michael Page data leaked

More than 30 gigabytes of data belonging to international recruitment company Michael Page has been leaked. Announced by Troy Hunt, Microsoft Regional Director and security researcher, the leak contains over 780,000 email addresses, along with clients' surnames, phone numbers, location and some job-seeking information such as their area of employment and covering letters. 

What is significant about this leak is that it wasn't caused by a sophisticated attack against the company. Instead, it was simply lax security on the part of Michael Page and the outsourcing firm Capgemini, that was hosting the data when it was leaked. Michael Page says that the information was being hosted on a development server used for testing - but according to Hunt this meant the data was left exposed in a place that anyone looking for it could easily access it.

The Michael Page leak contained over 780,000 clients' email addresses.The Michael Page leak contained over 780,000 clients' email addresses.

What does this show us?

The leak is a clear example of the risks that big companies face when they don't take data privacy seriously. This information became public because Michael Page and Capgemini didn't take sufficient precautions.

"As much as we're working through really creative new defences against attacks, we're also still alarmingly bad at the basics," Hunt says.

By sending information via an unsecured channel, you run the risk of it being seen by third parties.

Having your data attacked and stolen is one thing, but leaving it out in the open is irresponsible and drastically increases the chances of your information being exposed.

The same thing happens when you use a messaging or communication service that doesn't offer adequate encryption. By sending information via an unsecured channel, you run the risk of that information being seen by third parties.

How SafeSwiss can help

SafeSwiss removes this risk by creating an encrypted private network between you and the person you are communicating with. Your data cannot be exposed because even we aren't able to see it - it is completely private between the sender and the receiver.

It is not enough to rely on others to look after your data competently. You need to take steps to keep yourself safe when engaging with others online, and encryption software is a strong start. SafeSwiss offers a simple, effective way to ensure your personal communication stays private. Our encryption app is free to download for Android, iOS or Windows. Try it today.