SafeSwiss to be released into app stores

As SafeSwiss announces its inclusion in the app stores, we take a look at some of the threats to data security, and the importance of keeping yourself safe.

The SafeSwiss app is to be released via app stores - here's why you need it.

This week SafeSwiss received the green light  for app store inclusion. This means our encryption app will be available to everyone as a free, easy way to safeguard their privacy.

SafeSwiss will first be available for Android users to download via the Google Play store. This will be followed shortly by an iOS release, and a PC version that will be available directly from the SafeSwiss website. This is a significant milestone for us, as there have been several regulatory requirements to overcome to allow the export of cryptography into the various app stores.

SafeSwiss also has plans to roll out a comprehensive B2B offering. This could be individualised for businesses and hosted on a client's own server. We are currently in discussions within the financial and healthcare sectors, and plans are underway for an adapted business version of SafeSwiss that will satisfy regulatory compliance. 

The daily risks we face

Consumers need to be extremely vigilant, as every email, text, and phone call can be monitored.

Every email, text, tweet, chat, snap and old-fashioned phone call can be monitored and potentially come back to bite you. Consumers need to become extremely vigilant - once you hit the send button, that information is out in the world for eternity.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre released a threat report this year that highlighted the variety of ways that your information can be taken. These range from subtle fraud techniques like phishing to brute force attacks like the recent iCloud hack that took 3,000 personal photos from Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

These attacks and intrusions can come from malicious independent criminals, but they can also be perpetrated by governments and security agencies. This was made very clear by the recent 'Five Eyes' leak from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The intelligence agreement between the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada was revealed to be collecting information on citizens and nationals of countries outside the agreement and sharing this information with the other members. 

New Zealand's surveillance agency, for example, has been indiscriminantly taking digital communications from the Asia-Pacific region and sending them back to the USA, while the US themselves have been accused of eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phones. In the US itself, the NSA appears to have been taking civilians' phone records and tracking online communication by directly accessing the servers of internet firms such as Google and Facebook.

Threats to your data security can come from individuals or large organisations.Threats to your data security can come from individuals or large organisations.

Why Switzerland

When we entered the encryption market, we made the decision to base SafeSwiss in Switzerland. The country is very stable in terms of its politics, currency and geography, which are all benefits for what we want to do. Perhaps most critically, Switzerland offers some of the most stringent privacy laws available. Even with the new strengthened surveillance laws voted on last month, the surveillance permissions in Switzerland are still significantly less than that of major powers like the US. We chose Switzerland as our base of operations so that this security could be passed on to our customers.

SafeSwiss' commitment to privacy and security

"We expect privacy in our daily life - why shouldn't this extend to our digital life as well?"

SafeSwiss users can have the confidence that we take data protection very seriously. Almost daily we hear stories about hacking, data mining, key providers handing over user data and so on. Encryption offers some of the best protection available.

Tim Gallagher, CEO and Co-Founder of SafeSwiss, puts it this way: "We expect privacy in our daily life - why shouldn't this extend to our digital life as well?"

There are a plethora of competitors in the secure messaging market, but none that can really be considered a leader. We plan to dominate by offering encryption with a greater degree of security. SafeSwiss is your total secure communications platform. Our free app utilises not just TLS but true end to end encryption. Try it today.