SafeSwiss' adaptable technology and its enterprise applications

SafeSwiss' encrypted technology offers security benefits not only for individuals, but for organisations who need a private communication platform.

How could SafeSwiss help protect organisations like the Australian government?

SafeSwiss are continually working to provide the best data protection options to both our individual and business customers. Let's look at some of the continuing technological improvements we're making, as well as an example of a high-profile situation that would benefit from our private network software.

Our newest development: separate media nodes

SafeSwiss' technical setup gives us the ability to adapt our functionality in response to demand from our users.

SafeSwiss has recently completed separating the media nodes from our primary server. Emir Rizvanovic, Chief Technical Officer of SafeSwiss, explains:

"Technically it means that the main SafeSwiss server functionality, which includes user management, chat message management, VoIP calls management and other related things, is now fully separated from the components responsible for the uploading and downloading of chat attachments - files such like pictures, videos or documents." 

This setup gives us a better ability to adapt our functionality in response to demand from our users. By adding or removing new nodes or servers we can quickly and easily change things like maximum file upload size, or add and adjust premium features. It means that as SafeSwiss scales up we will be able to change on the fly to cope with the needs of consumers.

SafeSwiss' unique benefits for individuals and businesses

SafeSwiss is offered on a wide range of platforms and uses state of the art elliptical curve cryptography to protect every part of the information exchange. But beyond that we offer the unique selling point that SafeSwiss is architecturally and conceptually prepared to be available as a fully independently operable cluster.

This will benefit enterprise customers who want to have both the server part of the solution and client UI under their own control. We offer a fully customisable UI, giving customers the possibility of distributing SafeSwiss functionality with their own branding. Our "Full Enterprise Solution" is designed to allow large-scale organisations such as government bodies or private enterprises to enjoy the security and data protection that individuals receive from our downloadable app. 

SafeSwiss offers businesses the same privacy and data security we provide to individuals.SafeSwiss offers businesses the same privacy and data security we provide to individuals.

A governmental example

The importance of proper encryption for businesses and organisations, as well as individuals, was highlighted recently by the news that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and senior members of his cabinet were using WhatsApp for confidential communication.

The Australian government's adoption of an inadequate privacy solution demonstrates the need for SafeSwiss.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Turnbull, a strong proponent of new technologies, was a regular user of chat platforms like WhatsApp and had encouraged his cabinet to use it for work communication. While a group such as a government cabinet using real-time digital communication is a logical adoption of technology, the issue here is that their choice of platform does not offer the necessary level of security for such high-level information.

SMH cited multiple government staff members who had told them that WhatsApp was widely used in the government. While a government spokesperson told the newspaper that any classified and sensitive information was handled is an "appropriate" way, the fact that WhatsApp has a place in their day-to-day communications at all means there is a risk of data insecurity.

The Australian government's adoption of a less than adequate private communication network shows the need for a solution like SafeSwiss that offers a true encrypted private network, eliminating the security risks inherent in a platform like WhatsApp. SafeSwiss keeps your data secure at every step of the process, and offers a timed self-destruct feature that will destroy your data should your device ever fall into the wrong hands.

We're committed to data privacy and security, not only for individuals but for enterprises as well. Whether you need our free downloadable app or you're interested in exploring the potential for business options, SafeSwiss offer true end-to-end encryption solutions to keep everyone safe from digital threats.