Mobile security is at the heart of the corporate data breach epidemic

Mobile data is a big driver of company productivity, but it's also a security risk. Organisations need to make sure their information is secure.

Everyone's phone is carrying privileged business information nowadays.

If you browse the latest headlines in business news, you're likely to see at least one new development involving a major global corporation being victimised by a data breach incident. Unfortunately, such attacks are simply a cost of doing business in 2016. Cybercrime is rampant, and it's a difficult problem to contain on a macro scale.

One thing every company can do is get a better handle on employees' mobile data.

While no one can put the hackers out of business anytime soon, one thing that every individual company can do is get a better handle on employees' mobile data. Devices like smartphones and tablets have added significantly to worker productivity in recent years, but they've also taken away from data security. It's time for today's most tech-savvy organisations to regain control.

It's time to invest in security

A lot of news stories these days involve overseas cybercriminals attacking international corporations, like hackers in China and North Korea going after the United States. But according to research conducted by Harris Poll and analysed by Ovum, many of the greatest threats are of an "insider" nature - data being pilfered by those within their own organisations.

This is why corporate leaders are starting to invest more in protecting their companies' data. The Ovum research indicated that in 2014, the proportion of the business world's collective IT budget dedicated to data protection eclipsed 10 per cent for the first time. It's still increasing today.

Mobile data is often the culprit

Part of the reason companies today are so vulnerable to insider threats is that people are carrying data with them everywhere they go, using mobile devices. Companies might already have established infrastructures in place for their in-house data, but mobile security is an entirely different game.

If your phone goes missing, you could lose all kinds of information.If your phone goes missing, you could lose all kinds of information.

TechTarget recently noted that, according to a Ponemon Institute study, approximately two-thirds of all lost smartphones contain sensitive and/or confidential information about business. The last thing professionals want is to lose their phones and have their companies' trade secrets revealed as well, adding insult to injury. The solution is to use data encryption to ensure their secrets remain secret.

How our encryption process works

To protect your data - and your company's - it makes sense to begin investing in file encryption software. At SafeSwiss, we have a unique strategy for encryption. We give each device a unique "key" that's specific to its user and not accessible to intruders. In addition, we offer another layer of security in the form of a "self-destruct" feature that wipes out content after a certain period of time.

When it comes to important business information, you can never be too secure. We offer a sophisticated system for data protection that should help you sleep easy, knowing your data is in the best hands possible.