Companies today are neglecting mobile data encryption

We all use our mobile phones for work these days, not just for play. This adds convenience to our lives, but it also adds risk.

Safeguard your mobile data for your business' sake.

Our mobile phones have become highly versatile devices. We don't just use them for personal tasks now, like texting friends and playing games - they've also become useful for managing data in our professional lives, helping us carry information on the go and collaborate more easily with colleagues.

The rise of the "BYOD" movement raises questions about data privacy.

Of course, in so doing, we need to be careful about data security. Every time we increase our mobile use, personally or professionally, we also expose ourselves to cyber-risks that we may later regret.

The good side and bad to "BYOD"

In recent years, we've witnessed the rise of the "bring your own device," or "BYOD" trend in the business world. In short, people are increasingly bringing their mobile devices with them to work and using them alongside (or sometimes instead of) their office computers.

This is an exciting development. It makes it easy to take information with us from place to place and be productive from any location. At the same time, though, it raises questions about data privacy. Cybercriminals who infiltrate corporate networks are now finding countless employee devices to steal information from.

This is why we have such a serious need for encryption technologies in today's business world. With so many mobile devices floating around in the modern office setting, they could all be targets if they aren't protected.

Not enough encryption in the business world

It's important for companies today to emphasise encryption, which encodes people's mobile data and renders it ineffective for any criminal who tries to steal it. This is clearly a net positive for companies and their employees. Unfortunately though, according to research from Sophos, not enough companies are doing it.

Mobile phones are becoming commonplace in the modern office.Mobile phones are becoming commonplace in the modern office.

The organisation found that today, only 44 percent of companies report "extensive use" of solutions that encrypt files on mobile. Another 43 percent are only using such tools "to some extent." These numbers are higher than they were five years ago, and with good reason - but they still aren't high enough. More companies still need to protect their people and their data.

Our tried and true method at Safeswiss

Encryption is key for any company that wants to move confidently into the future, with its trade secrets safe and secure. At Safeswiss, we have a unique method - our brand of file encryption software ensures point-to-point security for your data. We use a gated communication network that allows only users and their contacts to decrypt and view voice, chat and other data-driven communication.

Bringing mobile devices to work is a worthwhile strategy, and it's one that can really drive productivity for any business. Security is important, though. Invest in better tools today.