Security becoming a key priority as mobile activity picks up

People nowadays use mobile devices for just about every function you can name. This brings great convenience - but also security concerns.

People today use their phones for all sorts of financial activity.

In just a few short years, mobile devices have gone from being handy little gadgets we use occasionally to tools that have essentially taken over our lives. We now use smartphones for many key tasks in the course of a day, including financial transactions that use sensitive private information.

The mobile revolution adds speed and convenience to our lives, but it comes at a cost.

This mobile revolution certainly adds speed and convenience to our daily lives, but it comes at a cost - security is now a serious issue. Research shows that people have more cause for concern now than ever when it comes to their mobile data. This might be the time to invest in some serious safety precautions.

Security becoming a major issue

We've been using mobile phones to some degree for many years now, but they've become a bigger part our daily lives recently. According to Allied Market Research, this means they're now prime targets for cybercriminals. Because we now use phones for things like paying credit card bills and checking bank statements, our financial information is now at risk.

This is why we're seeing more investment in mobile security. Allied's latest report, entitled "Global Mobile Security Market," estimates that by 2020, the global value of the mobile security industry will be nearly $35 billion. It's currently ballooning at a compound annual growth rate of 40.8 per cent.

How users can improve privacy

When it comes to data privacy, it's imperative that individual mobile users work harder to keep their data protected. One thing they can do is limit their app use, downloading only the apps that come from trusted brands and have reasonable security measures in place.

Beyond that, people should also take basic security precautions like locking their phones and password-protecting their data. These simple steps can do a great deal to reduce the risk of important data being stolen.

Mobile security is crucial in today's digital world.Mobile security is crucial in today's digital world.

Finally, the greatest precaution of all that people can take is data encryption.

Encryption should play a pivotal role

Real-time file encryption is a complicated process, but it's worth exploring. At Safeswiss, we apply military-grade encryption to all calls, texts, chats and many other forms of digital data transfer.

In layman's terms, we attach a specific "key" to your device and its communications. No other devices in the world have access to this key. From there, we use elliptic curve cryptography to create multiple layers of protection so that no data breach can access the information on your phone. It's a sophisticated process, but then, today's mobile security questions demand sophisticated answers.