Many mobile users are neglecting data security - are you?

We're all glued to our mobile devices today. Surprisingly, though, many of us aren't willing to take the actions necessary to secure them.

Mobile users everywhere face security risks.

We spend almost our entire waking lives glued to our mobile devices today. We use smartphones constantly for checking texts and emails, surfing the web, and communicating via social media. Our phones have become integral to the way we live our lives.

Given all of that, it would make a lot of sense for mobile users to put more time and energy into keeping their phones - and the data on them - secure. After all, with how reliant we are on these devices today, it should be obvious that protection is now crucial to sustaining our way of life.

Few mobile users are taking even the first step toward being smart about data security.

And yet, surprisingly, very few mobile users are taking even the first step toward being smart about data security.

Inaction plagues mobile users

Given how important mobile use is in the world today, it would seem to be common sense that mobile security be made a priority. Survey data from Consumer Reports, however, indicates this isn't the case. The organisation polled hundreds of mobile users and ask them what security measures they took with their phones - the answers weren't encouraging.

A screen lock with a PIN, backed up data on computers and "locate my phone" software were all among the precautions named. But alarmingly, 34 percent of people said their security measure of choice was the worst one - nothing at all. These numbers came specifically from the United States, but the reality is that attitudes elsewhere around the world aren't much different.

A little common sense goes a long way

A smartphone is an investment. We spend a lot of money buying the latest devices, plus more every month paying for service. That expense isn't wasted - it's put toward living a more fulfilling life.

Having said that, it's wise to exercise common sense when it comes to protecting that investment. Devices are lost, stolen and corrupted all the time, and such an incident can be devastating. Taking steps like securing phones and password-protecting data makes a great deal of sense.

Small steps like password protection can make a big difference.Small steps like password protection can make a big difference.

It might also be wise to go one step further with data privacy, investing in encryption.

Encryption is the key to security

At SafeSwiss, encryption is exactly what we do. In short, we offer encryption software that's developed with safe and secure voice, text and other digital communication in mind. Our goal is to make your mobile experience as reliable and safe as possible.

We do this by generating a digital "key" specific to your mobile device and using that key to safeguard your data, making it available to no one but you. From now on, you can be better than the millions of mobile users who neglect mobile security. Use encryption to make your mobile experience more secure than ever.